Dr. Crill’s Pain Relief Centers

Quick, Efficient, Economical.
Cost effective pain relief for your entire body

Above average treatment, at Below average Cost.

On your terms, No hard sell.
Our goal :

Get you Out of Pain, and Out of our Office

As Quickly, Efficiently, and Economically as Possible !
Here at OUR offices

We service 2 completely different types of patients.

With 2 completely different levels of service.

Because one size definitely does NOT fit all
Type 1

You’re busy & hard working, You don’t have time for fluff;

You just want to drop in at YOUR convenience, without an appointment,

for a Quick , effective, focused, efficient, no frills, adjustment ,

at a fairly low economical cost.

& Get back out there Doing the things You Need

As Quickly, as Possible !

At Dr. Crill’s Pain Relief Centers

We Know what you need:

Quick Pain Relief care for your Back & Neck.

Efficiently, Effectively, & Economically.

Walk ins welcome, No Appointment Necessary

You Will NOT Be:

Over Sold Pressured

Over Treated Strong armed

Over Charged or Ripped off!

We have

NO : Long term Commitments.

NO : Expensive Pre-pay’s.
Because That’s simply not our business model.

We would rather just give you an excellent value;

and let that speak for itself.


Type 2

You have been to other Chiropractors, MD’s , & Physical Therapists;

And the usual regular customary average types of cattle herd treatments you’ve been getting, just aren’t quite enough to do the job for you.

You need… a little more… You need : in depth , personal attention ,

And ; Whatever it takes to get to the bottom of your more complex condition.

This is of course a much higher end service than you will find anywhere else.

But Our charges even for this are still only in the middle of industry average ;

And we give you WAY more than you paid for:
At our offices you get:

* In depth diagnostics to really figure out what’s actually causing your complaints.

* At least 20-30 minutes of face to face time with the doctor each visit .

* A wide variety of Individualized treatment types, specially selected to suit YOUR particular needs (Including Painless LOW and NON-FORCE techniques)

* Individualized home rehab exercises so you don’t need to stay dependent on us.

* Library of resources relating to YOUR condition.
We are dedicated to meeting the needs of those who have slipped through the cracks and been given up on because their case was more work than it was worth.

So, No matter what your need, type 1, type 2, or something in between;

we will design a program that works for you.
There is no charge to just call and talk to Dr.Crill about your condition.

To find out if we can help.

Dial (530) 878-5150 or (916) 789-0222 

And Get started feeling better today!